Nursing Care


Catalina Post Acute Care and Rehabilitation

Nursing care is truly an art. Our compassionate and caring nursing staff know how to help our guests quickly get on their way to a successful recovery. Catalina’s skilled nurses allow us to provide state-of-the-art care to a broad range of patient needs.

World Class Nursing & Respiratory Care

A Passion for the Art of Caring

Our Nursing Staff is passionate about providing the best care available to our patients. Through continuing education and Catalina’s unique team approach to caregiving, our Nursing Staff and Therapy Teams bring the latest techniques and programs to our patient care.

You will find a compassionate and caring Nursing Staff at Catalina Post Acute Care and Rehabilitation. We work hard to master the art of caring for the unique needs of our guests.

Catalina nurses provide care for all types of patients. We have one of the most favorable nursing to patient ratios in all of Arizona. Here is a brief summary of the types of patients we care for:

  • Hip/Knee replacements
  • Chronic diseases: CHF, COPD, diabetes, mild dementia, A-FIB
  • Respiratory therapy including tracheostomy and ventilator dependent patients
  • Dialysis
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Wound care including surgical and/or complex wounds (including wound vacs)
  • TPN’s
  • Isolation for infections
  • NG Tubes
  • iStat Machine – Arterial Blood Gases
  • Blood Transfusions

Respiratory Program

Respiratory Services

  • Catalina employs Respiratory Therapists 24/7
  • Catalina cares for long-term Trach and/or Ventilator-dependent patients, as well as short term wean-able Trach/Ventilator patients
  • The weaning program provided at Catalina is very successful in partnering with families and providers to improve quality of life for Catalina’s respiratory residents
  • Catalina has several Tucson-based pulmonologists that follow patients at Catalina
  • Ventilators and oxygen are portable, allowing patients to enjoy home-like activities such as playing games and watching TV outside their room
  • iStat machine allows Catalina to continue weaning and decanulation protocols

Catalina Respiratory Therapy is very successful by partnering with families and providers to improve the quality of life for our respiratory residents. Catalina’s ventilators and oxygen are portable, allowing patients to enjoy many home-like activities. The modes of ventilation that we offer include CPAP, SIMV, AC, NIPPV, pressure control and volume control.


Catalina offers in-house bedside dialysis for patients unable to travel to outpatient dialysis due to weakness or other etiologies, and patients requiring artificial ventilation.

Wound Care

Catalina administers expert care to complex wounds including pressure ulcers, venous & arterial wounds, diabetic wounds, slow-healing surgical wounds, and those requiring wound vac therapies. Catalina works with some of the best wound doctors in southern Arizona.

Expert Staff

A Staff That Excels And Exceeds

Come and visit us at Catalina Post Acute Care and Rehabilitation, and you’ll notice a definite difference: our caregivers are the best.

You’ll meet a team of innovators — our nurses, therapists and other clinicians are professionals at the top of their games, who are genuinely committed, remarkably caring and wholeheartedly compassionate.

More importantly, as the real leaders on the front lines of daily care, our caregivers have a true voice in the operation of their departments and the facility, and especially in the way they deliver care to their patients. Our leadership team treats our caregivers the same way we want them to treat our residents: with love, respect, and admiration for the wonderful people they are.

This sense of family and caring permeates everything we do, and allows us to attract the most outstanding caregivers our community has to offer. Come and see if they can exceed your expectations!